Luciana Zanon Catto Mihara Profile Picture

Luciana Zanon Catto Mihara


Seasoned Financial Analyst with over a decade of expertise in controlling and financial risk management within the banking sector. My background is characterized by a wealth of experience in budgeting, forecasting, financial risk assessment, and process development, with a particular focus on addressing liquidity risk and ensuring Basel III compliance. Having relocated to Canada and gained valuable experience in customer service, I am now eager to pivot my career toward the field of data analytics.

Why I am interested in the technology industry

I am interested in the technology industry due to my professional background, particularly in data analysis. During my tenure as a Financial Analyst, I routinely used data analysis as a fundamental tool for decision-making. This experience sparked my interest in the field. I see the technology industry as an ideal platform to further develop my analytical skills and explore new career opportunities. Its dynamic and evolving nature offers a promising path for growth, and I believe my existing expertise can be a valuable asset in this sector.